Tanzania Safari Tipping Guideline

from $191 /person

Tipping guidelines for safaris in Tanzania can vary depending on the level of service and your satisfaction with it. Here’s a general guideline to consider:

  1. Driver/Guide:
    For safari drivers and guides, it’s common to tip around $10 to $20 per day per person. If you’ve had an exceptional experience or if your guide went above and beyond, you might consider tipping more.

  2. Camp/Lodge Staff:
    Tipping camp or lodge staff is typically done at the end of your stay. You can tip around $5 to $10 per day per person to be divided among all staff members. Leave the tip in a communal tipping box at the reception or hand it directly to the manager to distribute.

  3. Porters:
    If you have porters assisting you with luggage during transfers or at camps/lodges, tipping around $1 to $2 per bag is appropriate.

  4. Drivers for Transfers:
    For drivers who transfer you between airports, hotels, or camps, a tip of around $5 to $10 per transfer is customary, depending on the distance and level of service.

  5. Other Services:
    If you’ve used additional services such as spa treatments or guided walks, tipping around 10% of the service cost is typical.

Remember that these are just guidelines, and you should adjust based on the quality of service you receive and your satisfaction.


Tipping is a gesture of appreciation for good service, so feel free to tip more if you feel the service exceeds your expectations.