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Pangani is situated about 50km south of Tanga on the mouth of River Pangani that flows from the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro.

The name Pangani owes to the river that runs through northern part of the Historical Town. Pangani is a very old town, it is believed to be established before 6th Century BC as a coastal dhow port, but later became a station on the caravan route from Late Tanganyika for exporting slaves and ivory. Several historical sites in and around the town serve as reminders for the strong Arabic influence and the later German, British colonial era in Tanganyika. The town served as port, when sisal plantations were set up in the colonial period, before the Tanga Harbor constructed. Nowadays it is mainly a fishing town with a lot of coconut trees, providing nice beaches for quiet vacation.

Attraction: Pangani Falls, a water fall that provides electricity for Tanga, Dar es Salaam, Arusha and Moshi. Boat Safari on the Pangani River, which hosts birds and crocodiles. Maziwi Island, which was submerged due to environmental destruction and the effect of the global climate changes; is a nature reserve which provides ground for snorkeling opportunity and dolphins tour. Walking tour in the historical town to see some of old buildings aged more than 200 years old, visits to a former slave labor camps and slave market site.

Pangani is close to the Saadani National Park (especially on the Mkwaja side) the only place where one can see wildlife basking on the beach.

There are plenty of activities to keep you busy, with most of the good lodges offering diving, snorkelling, sailing and kayaking. Some also offer mountain-biking, horse-riding and cultural visits to local towns and villages. If you stay in the Pangani area it is possible to do motorboat safari along the river.

Several historical sites in and around the town serve as reminders of the strong Arabic influence and later colonial era of German East Africa and British Tanganyika Territory. The district boma or headquarters is the most impressive building remaining from the period of Zanzibari rule.

Historic Sites Tour

The historical sites in Pangani serve as reminders of the strong Arabic influence and the later German and British colonial era in Tanganyika. The district boma constructed in 1810 or headquarters is the most impressive building remaining from the period of Zanzibari rule. Starting from the British Overseas Management Administration (BOMA), guided walks will lead to numerous historical monuments which Pangani is endowed with.

Tours include visits to the original slave depots and slave market where Arabs traded slaves to India and Arabia, the freedom grounds, Islamic and German graves, ancient mosques and traditional houses will give Tourists good insight into the 15th & 16th Century history and culture of Pangani town. Meanwhile artisans proudly display the rich culture and tradition as visits to woodcarvers, basket weavers, carpet makers, and painters will attest.

Agricultural and Nature Walk

This tour allows you to experience both the beautiful scenery and culture of Pangani. Tours commence in town and continue with visits to local farmers. Guides will lead you to various agricultural projects in the area, along with visits to the coconut processing, at Kikokwe German fort facing Pemba Channel. It is the birth place of sisal in Africa where Dr Richard Hindroph – a German Botanist planted the first Sisal seedlings in 1892. Later on, the guides will lead you to sisal estates and factories then to sisal plantations. 

Furthermore your guides will lead you along the coastline to a unique coral shore where the fossils of 200 – 300 million years, old dinosaurs rests at the area known as Mkomo and Mwanaunguja coral. During this tour you can swim or rest on some of the most spectacular beaches in Tanzania. Tours finally conclude with home visits with local families who will prepare for you authentic coastal cuisine and typical ethnic culture of coastal life.

Pangani River Cruise

The Pangani river cruise takes about 3 hours and begins at the mouth of the river Pangani where fishermen reel in their day’s catch, then heads up the river along a stunning scenery of never-ending coconut plantations & mangroves.


Enjoy Swimming, Snorkeling, Kayaking, Kite-surfing in the sea at beautiful Ushongo Beach or just have a walk along the beach. Rich coral reefs run along the coastline, supporting a vibrant underwater world and making an excellent place to snorkel and dive. 

The warm water is also very good for any kind of water sports including kayaking, windsurfing, island boat trips, sailing, and biking. If you are up to more action, a snorkeling trip to Maziwi Island or you can do kayaking and rent kayaks from the nearby hotels. 

Big Game Fishing

Pangani is one of the most popular areas for deep-sea fishing and the best fishing experience in coast of Pangani.

Excursion to Maziwi Island

One of the highlights of any trip to Ushongo Beach is Maziwi Island, a small sandbar six miles out from the Tanzanian coast, only accessible during low tide. This is one of the most beautiful islands off Tanzania. White sand spills across the top of a large coral reef that sits amidst a myriad of blues. 

Guests can catch a ride out to the island to spend the day snorkeling, lounging, and have a picnic on the remote sandbank. Most of the time you will be lucky and have the place entirely to yourselves, something you won’t find in places like the beaches of Zanzibar.

Other Activities in the Area

There are numerous activities in Pangani to keep you busy. Sports fishing, swimming, cycling, and snorkeling with the sea turtles, are some of activities that are also available. They can either be done separately or combined to make your tour more enjoyable. 

Also, social evening tours can be arranged according to your interests. Dolphins at Maziwe Island, Beaches and Game Reserves, Hippo pools and green turtles at Madete shall be added to your tours schedule on request.