Rubondo Island National Park

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Why go to Rubondo Island

Rubondo Island is situated in the southwestern region of Lake Victoria, and over 75% of it is covered by virgin equatorial rainforest.


This island is a habitat for rare species such as chimpanzees. Our boutique camp is the only accommodation located in the national park, making it one of Tanzania’s most unique and untamed destinations. Besides a few park wardens and researchers, our guests have the island to themselves.

You can take a stroll through dense forests to spot fascinating insects and plants, enjoy a more active hike in search of the chimpanzees, go on a tranquil lake cruise while listening to hippos grunting at sunset, or simply relax on the deck and use your binoculars to view some of the island’s 300 bird species.

When to go to Rubondo Island

Rubondo experiences short bursts of tropical rain, but overall, the temperature is fairly consistent, making it a great year-round destination. The best time to visit is during the cooler, dry season from June to October. Please note that Rubondo Island Camp is closed in April and May due to the long rains.

January to March:
If some afternoon showers don’t concern you, January and February are ideal for birdwatching and observing butterflies and flowers like lilies and orchids. The clear mornings are perfect for spending time on the water either birdwatching or enjoying some catch-and-release fishing. However, the long rains start from mid to late March, and Rubondo Island Camp shuts down at the beginning of April.

June to September:
The best time to observe wildlife and track chimpanzees in Rubondo is during the dry season. The trails through the dense undergrowth are dry, providing ideal walking conditions. Many trees are producing ripe fruit, which results in the chimps spending longer in a single location and quality viewing experiences. Additionally, warm daytime temperatures create perfect opportunities for enjoying tranquil boating adventures on the water in the afternoons.

October to December:
This season is ideal for avid birdwatchers. Migratory birds from Europe and Asia arrive on Rubondo in November, and the rains nurture many blooming flowers, including gorgeous lilies and exotic wild orchids.

Top Rubondo Island Activities

Game Drives:
With an expert and friendly Asilia guide and comfortably seated in an open vehicle, you will be enveloped by the exotic calls of the fascinating inhabitants of the forests while exploring the hilltops and the open southern plains of Rubondo Island.

Forest Walks:
Exploring the forest on foot with a knowledgeable guide allows you to discover the fascinating mini ecosystems often overlooked while in your safari vehicle.

Boating Safari:
Take an exhilarating boat trip to explore Lake Victoria and Rubondo’s sandy shores while spotting hippos, elephants, crocodiles, otters, and monitor lizards, as well as a variety of water birds from fish eagles to kingfishers.

The waters surrounding Rubondo are rich in tilapia and enormous Nile perch, making it a popular destination for freshwater fishing enthusiasts. You can cast from the shoreline or our boats and enjoy catch-and-release fishing.

Chimpanzee Habituation Experience:

Experience a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to habituate the chimpanzee population on the island. Follow an expert guide through the forest while learning about research and tracking the chimps. Depending on the mood of the chimps, you may have to work hard to keep up with them if they are not feeding.